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These are the names you should remember: Mihajlo Racpeti (16), Saša Zahorjanski (15), Danijel Leš (15), Milica Vranješ (17), Tisa Lekić (18), Igor Dalagija (17), Boško Stojadinović (17), Luka Petrović (18), Milica Vujanović (17), Dunja Vranješ (18), Sara Todorić (12), Mateo Radimir (13), Lenka Škrbić (12), Nemanja Marčetić (13), Marija Šapovalova (12), Ivan Černuhin (11), Elena Jakšić (11), Laura Mađarić (9), Damjan Svijić (9), Stefan Svijić (10), with three professors, Tijana Tenji, Aleksandra Vojnak and Slobodanka Stević.

23 pupils and professors of Isidor Bajić Music School, 46 hands, 230 fingers and one piano is what will be necessary to break the Guinness record. The idea comes from the piano department of the music school, as one of the manners to bring classic music closer to the audience, in an attractive and unusual way. The current record is held by 18 high-school pupils from Sarajevo.

The concept is quite simple, 23 people will play a composition called Dawn at the same time, on one piano. The composer is a former pupil of the same music school, now the student of Art Academy in Novi Sad, Ivan Marković. It includes the elements of contemporary composition, a bit of attractive rhythms of popular music as well as a few reminescences to the old age of baroque music. That is a fusion of ‘old’ and ‘new’ piano.

The rehearsals have been on for some time now. The pupils are responsibly attending the rehearsals. For them, this will be an opportunity to try some other corners of their artistic personality; everything is moved away from the usual manner of dealing with a piano: from playing with one hand, through the position in relation to the piano, all those situations are just one of 23, instead of a solo player who reigns over 88 keys.

The Guinness record-breaking itself will be followed live through a LED screen at the Liberty Square, with the public performance being planned. “Open piano lesson” will be held before the Guinness record-breaking, at four locations: City Library, Porta, in front of “Trčika” and in front of Serbian National Theatre.

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