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At the Novi Sad Tourism Fair, the stand of European Youth Capital attracted the youngest visitors this year too, and made them interested in different activations.

At the fair, OPENS marked two places. The first stand was within Novi Sad Tourist Organization with the purpose of the promotion of youth program, the second was part of the OPENS Zone which gathered a large part of young people during the three days and hosted many children and other tourists who were interested in the activities of OPENS. “We are satisfied with the number of visits to our stand, young people are coming organized to the Fair and they stop by and stay in our zone. Our volunteers who are always happy to welcome other people and introduce the title of European Youth Capital are also here. Many people like the idea we are implementing, they are very interested and some of them are interested in joining us”, Mladen Ilić, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

The purpose is to present Novi Sad at the fair as European Youth Capital, as additional tourist potential which can attract young people from Europe and the region and other parts of Serbia. Novi Sad Tourist Organization – TONS has recognised the title of European Youth Capital as the potential which can bring specifically this category of tourists – young people.

“Our cooperation is implemented in mutual interest, which is to increase the number of stays in Novi Sad, to increase the number of manifestations. By being European Youth Capital, we strive to be a much more interesting city for young people in sense of tourism”, Stanislava Marojević, Program Coordinator Assistant says. The cooperation with TONS brings Novi Sad a new type of youth and congress tourism where young people come to Novi Sad with the purpose of the collection of knowledge, visiting congresses and different OPENS activities.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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