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To get to the best party for an 18 th birthday, first you need to go through a huge tunnel, to continue across the reggae stage, take a few steps towards the top, at the heart of the Fortress and at the highest point with the best view. Welcome to OPENS STATE OF EXIT ZONE.

This year, this is the place which opens discussions, which has a place for fun, creative part but also the most comfortable corner of the Fortress to relax. 32 (say: thirty two) civil sector organisations from the whole region will show, try, tell in the most
creative, most entertaining, most adequate manner along with the visitors, what freedom and different types of freedom mean. The rest of the space is divided into OPENS zones which contain a small cinema, OPENS’ VR world and photo booth, basketball court and competition with the best 3×3 players – Liman 3×3 Tesla voda, XBOX fun at lazy bags, short films in the living room, creative corner, mural painting, film workshops, four panel discussions, dance and beat box lessons, telescope for the romantic ones and stars and six-meter long Pixelata, all at once.

“Small OPENS NGO Fair” is not by accident at the core of the Fortress and the festival whose roots bring us back to this cultural activism. Also, a large portion of the City and Youth Festival is OPENS. And one of the reasons why Novi Sad has become European Youth Festival is the support from the region, as well as the plans and programs which connect young people in the whole region. The first among these programs is in partnership with Exit!

On its 18 th birthday, EXIT festival family counts five members in the same number of countries, and the central meeting point is always the Petrovaradin Fortress, where the 18 th EXIT Festival will be held from 12 to 15 July this year. In the year of its “legal age”, EXIT celebrates one of its larges achievements, which is primarily personal freedom. Therefore, EXIT Foundation and OPENS2019 invite you to the largest 18 th birthday party to OPENS State of EXIT Zone, clearly, from one place, say: EXIT IS FREEDOM!

Follow the program, news and real-time events of OPENS State of EXIT Zone at the following link:

See you at the Fortress!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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