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On Friday, 21 June 2019 at 6 p.m. at the Liberty Square in Novi Sad, the KULtura kroz Novi Sad tour guide will be presented, which will mark the end of the project of the same name.

In the spirit of Novi Sad as European Youth Capital 2019 and before the year of 2021 when Novi Sad will become European Capital of Culture, three institutions – Matica Srpska Gallery, Youth Theatre and Archives of Vojvodina – along with a group of pupils of Novi Sad high-schools implemented the project KULtura kroz Novi Sad, with the idea of more active inclusion of young people in the design, implementaton and promotion of cultural offer of their city.

More than 500 pupils of Novi Sad high-schools and surrounding have passed through the KULtura Novi Sad project and they have met the history and culture of Novi Sad at the creative workshops Streets and Face of My City, while seventeen of them participated in the project until its finalization. These seventeen unofficial young “culture ambassadors of our city”, through a set of workshops at Matica Srpska Gallery, Archives of Vojvodina and Youth Theatre, opened the dialogue about Novi Sad, “now and then”, and searched for the answer to the question “What makes our city unique at the map of Europe?”. Dealing with this and similar questions, the young people had the opportunity to decide about what image about Novi Sad they want to send the peers who come to our city, which they did by creating the guide KULtura kroz Novi Sad, but also the promotional video which they made with the YouTube star Yasserstain.

On the occasion of the finalization of the project, on 21 June 2019 at 6 p.m. at the Liberty Square in Novi Sad, young people will present their guide KULtura kroz Novi Sad by performing the comic play about the history of Novi Sad, and for the short period of time, make the locations and personalities from the city’s past alive. The pupils of Novi Sad high-schools became the authors of texts and image of the KULtura kroz Novi Sad tour guide, as well as culture promoters of their city while working on this project.

The KULtura kroz Novi Sad project is implemented thanks to the “Novi Sad 2021” Foundation through the Audience in the Focus program. OPENS 2019 and Novi Sad Tourist Organization supported the promotion of the tour guide.

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