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The reception Summer Academy of the Assembly of European Regions was held in the City Hall. This is the largest independent regional network in Europe which gathers more than 150 regions from 30 countries, as well as 15 international organizations. AP Vojvodina is the active member of AER since 2002, and this network has a large role in the recognition of the region as unavoidable partners in the creation of European policies and the future of Europe.

Novi Sad is European Youth Capital for the year of 2019 and this year’s “Summer Academy” overlaps with “Exit” and OPENS Youth Fair in terms of time.

“This is something that is held for the second time in our country. We have around 15 regions which participate in the summer academy of young people. We want to present Novi Sad as European youth capital because here, young people will have the chance to learn something new, to work on the topics such as acceptance of differences, environmental protection and everything that is related to them. I primarily want them to enjoy Novi Sad, to learn and develop new ideas”, Ognjen Cvjetićanin, a member of the City Council for Sports and Youth says.

The Summer Academy of AER is held between 1 and 6 July in Novi Sad, during which more than hundred young people from the entire Europe will have the chance to connect, exchange knowledge and experience, but also to meet the potentials of our municipality.

“In Novi Sad, at the Summer Academy, young people will have the chance to exchange experience and learn. July is the month when the largest number of young people, tourists and foreigners are in our city, the month when festivals with numerous contents are held. Young people will have daily programs, workshops, lectures and panels”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinators says.

“The Summer Academy of AER” is held in the year of 2019, in which Novi Sad is the holder of the title of European Youth Capital, which will contribute to the quality and success of this event.

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