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Another conference of European Youth Capital in a row, called “Recognize Us, We Are Here…” was dedicated to the improvement of the position of young people.

The conference was organised by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality about the participation of young people, with the help of European Youth Capital and it was intended for young people from all over the country.

“This conference is important for us to see how we can respond to the challenge before all of us, which is young people leaving Serbia. It is up to us to create the path on which they will want to remain, to work and form their families”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator says.

At the beginning of the conference, at Eđšeg Culture Station, the results of the questionnaire of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality about the participation of young people were presented, where young people had the chance to hear examples of good practice when it comes to working with young people, but also volunteering experience and the manner of functioning of platforms intended for young people.

“Within the mutual activities we organise, we have agreed to organise the conference today and to hear that one of the reasons why young people leave is that they cannot participate in making decisions that are important for them, but also due to the discrimination at the job market they face”, Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality explains.

One of the pillars of the entire program of OPENS is the diversity of young people in different societies, as well as active participation of young people. The projects like this should further improve the position of young people in Serbia and enable their participation at all levels of decision-making, and especially those which directly influence their life and position in the society.

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