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The World Architecture Day was marked by the opening of the fourth Oktobarh Festival at Dom b612. Oktobarh was created as a student initiative with the purpose of presenting architectural practice in the widest sense possible, as well as everything that follows that, with the interesting content, during the entire October. “The idea is to continue to expand the range of creative industry which architecture and design are. The support of European Youth Capital means a lot to us because in a way, it puts us in the map of culture events in the city. We want to bring our job closer to people and to draw attention to architecture and our architectural heritage which is, unfortunately, being forgotten”, Igor Rajković, co-organizer of the festival says.

The festival is held on different locations in Novi Sad. It is divided into five main wholes, which are held on weekends: architecture, workshops, film projections, tribune and conference.

The content is intended for current and future students, as well as lovers of architecture, because through discussions with professionals about their work and experience, they will obtain new knowledge and ideas and create more realistic image of “the life after university”.

“For us, students, this festival opens some new fields with which we have not had chance to meet at the faculty, to develop in different areas and to discover what architecture provides us. Architecture is everything around us, from design of a fork to a residential complex and that is why it is so attractive to people. I cannot single out anything special except the entire October”, Tanja Tubić, the organizer of the festival says.

The events are of different character and program, and thereby they manage to gather all people in the field of architecture and design: students and professors, amateurs and professionals.

The opening of the festival was marked by the exhibition of students’ works “Minimalism: Manipulation of Perception” and performance of the “Jazz i Pivo” band, and all events except the conference until the end of October are free of charge and available to all interested citizens of Novi Sad.

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