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Last year, we made an experiment – speed dating with successful entrepreneurs. The idea was to gather 12 entrepreneurs at one place, according to the model of the live library. The space was divided in 3 parts, so we had three separate “lectures” at the same time. The sessions of lectures were not longer than half an hour. The idea was actually to organise everything in the form of informal conversations, which the lecturers would hold with the help of the moderator, but also with the discussion of the audience. And we could not have even imagined the reactions!

So now, we are presenting – Start Up Yourself 2.0!

Good things are not to be changed – the concept remains the same. This year, the moderators will be the guys from Državni posao. But, this time, it will last longer and we will expand the space capacities and move to the Museum of Modern Art of Vojvodina.

This year, we will present Strawberry energy, Ivica i Majica, Eipix, Wacky Sheep, 9evet, Eko kurir, Marinush and Shii, Eco hostel Užice, Fruškać, Toster, LvLUP…

Since every session of the discussion will go from the three stages at the same time, the audience will get the line-up at the entrance, as well as silent disco headset, so they will choose the conversation they want the year at any time.

We think that it is important for every lecturer to present their brand, i.e. the company and to explain how the brand has been created. After 4 sessions with three lecturers, which will not last more than three hours in total, we would leave some time to the lecturers to informally hang out with the visitors, if they want.

The idea of OPENS days is to introduce as large number of young people as possible all possibilities offered to the city which is European Youth Capital and young people who live in it.

Save the date! See you on 28 March!

(last year’s OPENS day – Start Up Yourself! )

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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