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“Tea with Northern Ireland” seems exactly like it sounds – informal, relaxed atmosphere, colourful pillows, warmth and smells which spread from colourful teapots, biscuits and Stephanie Hill from Ireland.

Great welcome to another OPENS Living Room where the visitors had the chance to hear interesting facts related to Northern Ireland, reconciliation processes and creation of the unified strategy for the development of the community. Activism and volunteering of young people is extremely recognized and appreciated at the territory of Northern Ireland, and at the living room, Stephanie Hill presented the manners young people contribute to the development of their community and how they change and create the contents related to them.

“As a young person, I volunteered and through volunteering I gained more skills than as an individual. I think it is useful for all of us to see the examples of people who volunteer and to look up to them, because thereby young people will look up to us and thereby contribute to the society”, Stephanie says.

The content is intended for young people interested in volunteering programs in Northern Ireland, for those who are interested in the manner the youth work is implemented and in which programs include young people. The visitors also had the chance to hear songs and a part of culture Stephanie brought to Novi Sad.

“Northern Ireland is very interesting because it is the cradle of youth work, as well as England. They have long tradition and implement youth work for more than fifty years. They use very interesting tools and methodology which include young people in an interesting way, so we had the chance to see only some of them”, Dejana Baltes, Youth Activity Coordinator says.

For the end of the workshop and the last sip of tea, Stephanie left specific pieces of music from her neighbourhood and left the participants delighted.

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