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At the open air pool at SPENS, the finale of the first INVICTUS CHALLENGE competition for young people was held. The top four teams out of ten competed for the title of the winner of the INVICTUS CHALLENGE for the year of 2019. The competition was divided into three challenges, where the competitors in three different terms, at three different locations, fought to finish the line conquering different natural and artificial obstacles. The goal is for the competitor to unify the medal through three challenges. The participant wins a part of the medal successfully after the finished each individual challenge.

“The contents like this are important for young people and that is why the City Management for Sports and Youth invests significant amounts in motivating young people for sports, physical activities. Through this content, someone might find themselves wanting to deal with a sport and realize that he/she is destined to deal with it more seriously, or as an amateur or professionally. Physical activity is important for us to be healthy, to be meaningful to ourselves, to our family and our society through a healthy relation towards life and thereby to contribute to our country”, Vlastimir Mastilović, the head of the City Management for Sports and Youth says.

The idea was to bring social and team games outside virtual world closer to young people. The interest of young people in this competition was not decreasing, despite the fact that this activity was organized for the first time in Novi Sad.

“Games like this exist around the world, so according to such an idea, I have decided to transfer something like that to Novi Sad. I thought a lot how to bring games to Serbia and after two years, my wish came through. I am satisfied with the competitors and the passed rounds of the competition. Everyone hang our here and propose some new ideas which are always welcome. OPENS supports good things and encourage their quality. When I found out that we would get the title I was very proud, even though I am not from Novi Sad, I believe that those who are the citizens of Novi Sad are those who do good for their city”, Nedeljko Rodić, the organizer of the competition says.

The competitors were young people who are professional swimmers but also complete amateurs, there were no other differences between them because the focus was on hanging out and supporting physical activity among young people.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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