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Niš, Pančevo, Užice and two days of Novi Sad. Aranđelovac, Kruševac, Kumanovo and Tetovo, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Arilje, Gornji Milanovac… That many kilometres and cities were necessary to reach the Petrovaradin Fortress and OPENS headliner.

Namely, in the last months, OPENS Camper has travelled across Serbia, searching for bands which will perform at this year’s EXIT Festival. The wheels were stopped in Novi Sad, European Youth Capital, where the final battle occurred. The competition was crowned by the two-day performances and announcement of performers.

“Our primary motive for applying was love for music. We want to promote and to introduce people with what we do. We think that playing at Exit Festival is a plus in a biography of a band. Currently, there are much more performers and bands than audience who want to listen to them. Therefore, I think that good promotion is very important”, the members of the Forgotten screams bands say.

When OPENS and EXIT merge, the result is an excellent opportunity for young people. The chance dreamt about by the majority of musicians is gotten, because the best of them will have the chance to perform at Explosive Stage and Fusion Pub.

“The criteria are energy and feeling during the performance. At the beginning, some of the bands stood out and we knew that they were going to the Fortress. At the first audition, we saw the upcoming problem in the fact that there would be great performers in each city. Young people exceeded our expectations. We agreed at the beginning that we do not have enough space to bring the best”, Milan Rakić, one of the jury members says.

We made sure that for unknown bands, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Each of them wants to experience and feel Exit Festival and the power of the mass. Simultaneously with the battle of bands, the battle of DJs was organised at Puberaj, with the same mission. The best DJs will have the chance to perform at OPENS State of Exit Stage.

“This is important because I want to show my style and artistic spirit in the music at the largest festival in Europe. This is the opportunity for the opening of the door of Exit for me. I try to push myself forward toward that world and this opportunity would mean a lot to me. I think it cannot be missed because EXIT is EXIT”, Miloš Piplica, one of DJ competitors says.

“For the third year in the row, we cooperate with Exit Festival so the good partnership relations have continued. We think there is insufficient support to young artist at the scene in our country and we are extremely proud that this year, 350 applications arrived. Our role and task is to provide young people with the opportunity to show and prove that and thank you Exit which has recognised that”, Valentina Antić, OPENS International Cooperation Coordinator says.

At the Addiko Fusion Stage, the artistry will be shown by progressive electro-pop band Ki from Macedonia, as well as alternatives Mac Tire from Novi Sad. The wild line-up of Explosive Stage will be completed by alternative trip Sickter from Negotin, melodic hard-core punk band Reflection from Gornji Milanovac, death metals Haste from Vrbas and Macedonian HC/metal band Short Fuse Hero.

The OPENS Future Shock Stage will present the future of the music scene and new young authors, including indie rock band Këpurdhat from Tetovo, instrumental rockers from There. from Niš, punkers Keni nije mrtav from Kruševac, hardrock band Bonecarver from Ivanjica, alternative/garage stoner duo Fade Out from Arilje, pop-rock band Hazel from Niš, while instrumental surfers Moussaka and alternative rockers Potop and Reci Cimet are coming from Belgrade. At the stage, they will be joined by the hosts from Novi Sad – rockers Cheap Moonshine, acoustic emo duo See It My Way, glammers Clyde and metal-core rock band FYN.

The winners of the competition for the best DJs, Kozma, Milhouse, Jovan Vidosavljević and Petar P. will perform at the OPENS State of EXIT Zone at the Petrovaradin Forstress.

Someone’s dreams will make true and open some new doors. Their music will not be the same anymore and their fans will be more numerous. For someone, OPENS and EXIT may change their lives and career. Then, they will turn back and remind themselves of the year of 2019 when they got the chance.

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