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The first Street Workout World Cup in Serbia was organised at the Republic Square in Novi Sad. The world cup was organised with the purpose of raising awareness and impact on children and young people to spend the time at the street in a quality manner as well as to bring workout to the new higher level in our country.

The best and the strongest competitors were given valuable awards and they were given the opportunity to participate in the world championships.

The organisers try to make street workout an official sport in Serbia as well as to create parks for workout for all people around the world.

“I used to be the competitor of world cups myself, so I came up with the idea to organise something like that in Novi Sad and to leave the youth something behind. The idea was to make as many people as possible to work out and to encourage them to do some physical activity. I am glad that OPENS supported our idea because any type of support means a lot to us”, Srđan Arsenović, the main organiser of the cup says.

The cup was divided to the competition zone for professional athletes who deal with street workout for several years and the creative zone which was intended to the friends of the cup and audience. This year’s cup counts around eighty participants.

“I have come to support the competition and to win something on the way. The cup of this type is something that Novi Sad was missing and I am glad that something like this has been organised. We expect more exercise machines around the city and I hope that events of this type will contribute to that”, Andrej Marković, the twenty-three-year old competitor says.

The purpose of the participation of OPENS Street Workout World Cup is to bring the essence of OPENS and title of European Youth Capital to young people from Novi Sad, region and the world who will participate.

“I am happy when young people come, full of energy, enthusiasm and ideas and then we try to do something together. “The Right Side of the Street” is our partner. This is their day and it is great that they have brought the world to Novi Sad, and OPENS will always be there to support the idea and young people”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator says.

Street workout is organised by the European Street Training Organisation “The Right Side of the Street” in cooperation with European Youth Capital (OPENS2019 – European Youth Capital Novi Sad), with the support of Ministry of Sports and Youth.

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