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On good foundations, we continue to build and expand our house this year, so we have implemented two new premises – living room and workroom.

Those rooms are the metaphor for free and relaxed discussion within the circle for newly gained friends, while the host is OPENS, which provides the space and additional resources necessary for the realization.

The workroom is designed for OPENS volunteers to initiate the topics they will discuss. What differentiate the workroom from regular OPENS workshops is that young people are those who choose topics. They can present their interests and hobbies to the audience and include them in the process of work, and the venue depends on the volunteers who organise it. Everyone who previously apply are welcome to the room.

“OPEN is organising the “workroom” once a month, as a space and support to young people, to be initiators, i.e. to create and be the creators of the content they want. We will also provide them with something very significant, the skills of holding the workshops and presentation, and this is the opportunity for young people to leave their comfort zone. The workshop is designed for volunteers only and that is the space for them. At the OPENS living room, there are topics organised at different locations, where we use public and our space. We will have topics which will be discussed at Promenada, Spens where there are already young people and where we want to transfer our content. We will discuss the topics with the purpose of the introduction of TV marketing, topics related to influencers, and many others. Our goal is also to bring good speakers who will inspire visitors, motivate them and open some significant questions”, Dejana Baltes, Youth Activity Coordinator says.

The topics which will be discussed at the living rooms are those interesting to young people and they are initiated by OPENS. They are open and held at public places in front of passers-by and audience who have come there intentionally. The workshop is of an interactive nature and it contains three speakers who present the topic and answer the asked questions.

One square of the calendar includes the reservation for volunteers and their ideas now, and the other is filled with interesting topics and discussions which cannot be missed. If you happen to be at Promenada, while searching for trainers, we believe that you will sit at the sofa at least for the moment and see the interesting programme, live!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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