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Novi Sad Book Festival – NOFEK was officially opened on Friday, 13 September in Novi Sad. This year, the Festival is a three-day, non-commercial manifestation whose purpose is to bring literature closer to young people. The festival is organized by young people, so the guiding idea is the spreading of culture among young people but also the entire literature audience and the lovers of a written world.

In the organization of Poenta Citizens Association, this year, NOFEK has offered an interesting program with a large number of authors and free of charge three-day activities. It is imagined as a festival which gathers, promotes and develops the audience among young people, and it is recognized as the festival unique for the promotion of young people in the literature offer.

“Last two years, we had great experience, great progress. This year, we will also have very interesting program thanks to the capable young people and I have to thank them because this year, we really have a large number of young people who participate in the organization, which has been the point of the book festival from the beginning. We hope that the festival will be extended from year to year”, Milan Ćosić, NOFEK coordinator says. In the year when Novi Sad is European Youth Capital, the support comes from OPENS because the festival itself consists of young people.

“What is great is that this festival already has some tradition, and we will try to be support next year and to continue the cooperation. We think that it is important to invest in young people, that it is important to invest in their ideas and to show them that there is the place for them in the society, and that there is someone who listens to them and who can provide them support. OPENS will be here next year, and in the following years and I hope that we will see this festival become a tradition of Novi Sad, on which we will be proud”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator says.

In the last two years, NOFEK has welcomed numerous writers, and nothing has changed this year. Young writers has had the chance to present their works to the audience and to enjoy the content of the festival.

Novi Sad Book Festival is supported by the City Management of Sports and Youth and Youth Office, and it has successful cooperation with the City Library in Novi Sad, Matica Srpska Library, European Youth Capital, Laguna Publishing, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Gymnasium, Brankovo kolo and Society of Novi Sad Writers.

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