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This is a work room. What a work room different from other OPENS’ workshops is that young people are those who choose topics. They can present their interests and hobbies to the audience and include them in the work process, and the place where it is held depends on the volunteer who organizes it.

The topic in the focus of the last work room was web journalism, and Dušan Bogdanović is one of the volunteers who have come up with the idea to organise the workshop about web journalism.

“We provided an introduction to journalism. We talked about which topics are the basic forms of journalism and spelling rules. I made them aware of journalistic mistakes. Young people had the chance to write their own article and it will be published at the local portal “BOR 030” and they will become the authors of articles for the first time”, Dušan says.

I think web journalism is closer to young people than classical printed form so we accepted the idea according to that. Since that the response was very nice, we will make the second part of this workshop, which will deal with technical elements and tools used in web journalism,” Mladen Ilić, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

The goal of the workshop was to enable young people knowledge about web journalism and manners of interpreting online journalism today.

“When I come to a workshop, I usually have the two types of notes I write. In one paragraph, there are almost always some fragments which I already know, and the second one is something new I hear. I have learned a lot of things which were useful to me, for blogging two, because I partly deal with that, too. I think that we, young people, need more workshops like this”, Timo Zimonjić, a participant says.

The point of the workshop is for the participants to, apart from basic knowledge, gain practical experience of writing articles according to the quite determined structure, and the best articles will be published at the web portal “BOR 030”.

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