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Regardless of how we span the planet in the last 365 days, it always stopped at one place. The centre. European Youth Capital!

The sound of drums, steps and dance heard is calling you now because the EXIT tribe is gathering. The EXIT Tribe 2019 is a new festival venture where all lovers of music, influencers from all around the world, artists, sportsman, celebrities, numerous movements and organisations will be invited to the union with the clear goal – protect the planet and the life on it!

Does that sound like a challenge you are up to?

EXIT Foundation and OPENS2019 invite the organisations of civil society from Novi Sad, Serbia and the entire region to unite in one tribe, because we have a mission! Within OPENS State of EXIT Zone.

This is the invitation for you to become a part of the EXIT tribe, but it comes with certain responsibilities. OPENS State of EXIT Zone is primarily interactive and fun. It is up to the organisation to think of the most creative, the most entertaining, the most adequate manner to fit in one of seven OPENS tribes at OPENS State of EXIT Zone:

The “Energy” Tribe
The Tribe of Innovation and Creativity
European Tribe of Values
Colourful Tribe of Difference
The Tribe of Equality
The Tribe of Youth NGO
The Tribe Opened for Everyone

When it comes to the selection of organizations, we will take into account the following criteria:
the quality of the program and adequacy of the programme to OPENS State of EXIT Zone
previous activities related to the organization in the field dealt with
connection of the program/activity with the topics of OPENS 2019 and EXIT Foundation

The deadline for the application AT THIS LINK is 10 June by midnight!

The decision about which organizations will be presented to the festival audience from the entire world will be made by 15 June and it will be published at the official website of EXIT Festival WWW.EXITFEST.ORG , as well as the website of OPENS WWW.OPENS2019.RS .

For all additional questions, the contact is KONKURS@OPENS2019.RS

Last year, OPENS State of EXIT Zone was one of the most visited locations at the festival, along with the workshops, panel discussions, music, salsa lessons as well as regional radio program which was broadcasted live from the location every night. It is not by accident that “a small fair of NGO” is at the heart of the Fortress and the festival which originates from the social activism itself. Also, a large part of the City and the Festival of young people is OPENS. And one of the reasons which Novi Sad is European Youth Capital is the great support from the region, as well as plans and programs which connect young people in the entire region.


EXIT TRIBE IS WAITING for you at the Fortress!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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