20 Dec/2019 Published in News

Our task in the year of 2019 has been for OPENS to show through numerous activities, projects, programs, events and initiatives that there are a lot of doors that can be opened for the transfer of energy, knowledge, experience, information and that capacities of young people can be empowered in that way.

What is the result of a year of work is a system – such that young people and organisations can implement ideas and projects.

The vision of OPENS during the creation of such system has been sustainability, so that after the handover of the title, Novi Sad remains to be the city of open and systematically solved matters of youth policy. The title of European Youth Capital has offered us the possibility to have some impact on the community in which we live, to learn and build, as well as to launch some new changes and make other believe in that, too. Therefore, there is the responsibility towards further development of the established system in the previous knowledge and experience, as well as in the following period of learning.

All our further activities are directed towards the improvement of the atmosphere which cherishes chances for young people and we are sure that the initiated processes are excellent grounds for that.

The door has been opened. It is young people’s turn now. It is your turn now.