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The sound of drums, steps and dance heard is calling you now because the EXIT tribe is gathering. The EXIT Tribe 2019 is a new festival venture where all lovers of music, influencers from all around the world, artists, sportsman, celebrities, numerous movements and organisations will be invited to the union with the clear goal – protect the planet and the life on it!

Does that sound like a challenge you are up to?

In order to join the tribe, you should first pass through a large tunnel, continue across the road to reggae stage, and take a few stops to the top, the heart of the Fortress and the highest point from which the view is the best. Welcome to OPENS State of Exit Zone.

This year too, that is the place which opens discussions, which has space for fun, creative corner and the most comfortable corner of the Fortress for rest.

Almost 40 organisations of the civil sector from the entire region will, in the most creative, most entertaining, most adequate manner, along with the visitors show, check, say what it means to be a part of the tribe. The rest of the space is divided into OPENS zones which have a small cinema, OPENS’ VR world and photo booth, beauty and glitter tribe, the most comfortable chill zone with famous Novi Sad sunbeds, creative corner, selfie tribe, graffiti painting, dance lessons, best DJs of OPENS School for DJing and the winners of OPENS Play@EXIT contest, telescope for those who are romantic and stars and six-meter-long Pixelata, all in one day.

It is not by accident that “the small OPENS’ fair of non-governmental organizations” is in the heart of the Fortress and the festival which originates from social activism. Also, OPENS is not a small part of The City and The Youth Festival. The first day of today’s festival is proudly called OPENS Day. Only ten days are left until the opening of this year’s Exit, which, according to many parameters intends to exceed all previous editions! The weather forecast with ideal weather conditions with a lot of sun, without rain and with temperatures of up to 32 degrees during the day to pleasant 20 during the night is contributing to that!

Choose your tribe and see you at the Fortress! It’s your turn!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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