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The acoustic hall of Eđšeg Culture Station served for the award ceremony at this year’s Serbia Fashion Week Awards. Countless easels which were holding the sketches of new creations of young designers twisted by red ropes. Thanks to the sketches, every visitor had the chance to see how the work of each designer was progressing. Nearby, there was the final product – the models wearing the new creations. Young people had the chance to show the fruits of their imagination to all visitors and jury, and the previous experience and work brought them to this final round of competition.

European Youth Capital decided to give their contribution to this project because it is complied with the missions and goals – to motivate and encourage young people.

“OPENS have decided to support Serbia Fashion Week on the last day, with the idea to encourage creativity among young people. There are different designers full of youth energy. For the first time, the Fashion Week was not closed at the Master Centre but was prolonged for another day, and young people got the chance to show themselves. I think that young people are in general interested in fashion and are inspired by it”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

How it all began? Namely, in cooperation with European Youth Capital, this year, Serbia Fashion Week is organizing FTDC – national platform for the recognition and support to young designers who want to achieve and develop international creation in fashion industry. Ten designers presented their creations to the jury in the final round of the competition and waited impatiently to hear who would get the chance to perform at the Fashion Week in Milan.

“Serbia Fashion Week has a large base of volunteers and includes a large number of young people. For seven years, we are organising two large competitions related to the recognition of young talents in the field of fashion design. We are proud to have talented, hard-working and ambitious young people in the city and we are proud that this year, Novi Sad is European Youth Capital, and Serbia Fashion Week should be where young people are”, Svetlana Horvat, the president of Serbia Fashion Week says.

There were various creations, from Japanese suit for men to women dressed in tattoos.

“One day I woke up and realised that tattoos inspire me. I study fashion design and in accordance with my future education, I have decided to make that idea a creation. Through this work, I wanted to show people that, unless they want to, they do not need to get tattoos. They should only wear this! The creation can be worn every day, to work or outside…” Aleksandra Pismenskaja, the designer says.

Since young people played with the visual impression of their creation, there is a special story behind each of them. Each of them lived and realized their creation, as any other type of art. Each part of their personality and imagination is visible through the creations.


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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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