23 Jul/2018 Published in News

Communication by look, body, dance moves… under the sky and lights of the Danube Park. The night of Argentine tango can be a lot more than just a dance lesson, and when OPENS Youth Club and TODO Tango Association work mutually on that – that is usually the case.

So, OPENS Youth Club is on the road since July, since that we are temporarily moved out due to the works at the Chinatown, future Youth Creative Polis, and the first stop was the gazebo in the Danube Park.

“We have had similar workshops with Ana and Dejan from TODO Tango, and according to the young people who have participated in them we think that was an amazing cooperation. Therefore, we decided to repeat all that and we think tango should our be ticket for the first “coming into stage”. There will be more of these in the next month in different parts of the city”, Dejana Baltes, OPENS Youth Activity Coordinator explains.

The workshop consisted of two parts. The first part was interactive discussion on how the social communication works, what some of its types are and communication through music and indirect medium, as well as why communication without words (facial expression, posture and gestures) is important.

“On the other hand, nothing can go without the practical exercise of nonverbal communication with a person but also in a group, with tango music. Getting to know the dance “etiquette” and its application and function now and then. Communication by dance”, Ana Nauparac Despotović, from TODO Tango association says.

Next month, OPENS Youth Club will have two more outdoor workshops in different parts of the city, and the continuation of interesting psychological workshops was planned in the OPENS premises in Laze Telečkog 2. There will be more activities like this in autumn, like DJ School, so it is important to follow Youth Club on the road.

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